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PeopleSoft Search Framework: Crawl & Deploy Indexes (Part 4)

Now that you’ve installed Oracle SES, configured it for PeopleSoft application, configured the PeopleSoft application to make use of SES – it is time to deploy the indexes and start making use of the search functionalities.

This is part 4 of the series on PeopleSoft Search Framework and for your reference, the other parts of this topic are mentioned below:

Part 1- PeopleSoft Search Framework: How to Install Oracle SES

Part 2- How to Configure PeopleSoft 9.2 with Oracle SES

Part 3- Configure PeopleSoft to use SES

Prior to continuing with the part 4, the following items need to be installed, configured, and functional.

  • Oracle SES
  • PeopleSoft Database
  • Application Server
  • PeopleSoft Integration Broker
  • Process Scheduler Server
  • Successful diagnostic tests

PeopleSoft Search Framework: Crawl & Deploy Indexes

Based on the application or functionality you’re using, you will be deploying indexes and crawling them. To begin with, we can atleast deploy the PTPORTALREGISTRY index to enable global search in the application. Go to PeopleTools -> Search Framework -> Administration -> Deploy/Delete Object.


Now check the PTPORTALREGISTRY deploy option and click the Deploy button. You will see the status change to Deployed-Not Crawled

PeopleSoft SES Configuration Part 3

Now we need to setup crawling. Go to PeopleTools -> Search Framework -> Administration -> Schedule Search Index and add a new value, say PTPORTALREGISTRY and do a full index when doing it for the first time.

PeopleSoft SES Build Search Index


It will run an application engine process named PTSF_GENFEED and once it goes to success, you can come back to Deploy/Delete objects and note the change in status of the index to Crawled.

You can now start using Search functionalities. Also, deploy any more indexes you need to.

Hopefully you found the series helpful. Any questions – let us know in the comment box.

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