EQA-13000: Operation “delete” Cannot Be Performed on an Object Type “schedule” in State “EXECUTING”. ( 262,1018)

When you face this issue with indexes in SES when you try to undeploy them or do report sync issues – you will receive an error and there are multiple versions of this error, namely:

EQA-13000: Operation “delete” Cannot Be Performed on an Object Type “schedule” in State “EXECUTING”. ( 262,1018)

EQA-13000: Operation “delete” cannot be performed on an object with type “schedule” in state “STOPPING”. (262,1018)

But the core idea or issue behind the issue is the same: The search index you’re trying to undeploy or do report sync issues – it has a schedule, which is active and is not allowing you to make changes with the index.

The common scenario associated with this issue is – an index runs for several hours or days and never completes, so you cancel the process in the monitor and try to run it again – it goes to No Success with the message that the index is already running.

To overcome this error, we need to perform some cleanup:

1. Login to the SES console – you may see an entry for the index under Failed Schedule

2. Delete the failed Schedules and Source for the same index.

3. Sometimes you may not notice the index mentioned in the Failed Schedule – in such a case you should go to the Schedule tab and locate the index. Select the index and press the Stop status. Click on the status of the index and make sure it goes to Stopped tatus. You can then delete the schedule of the index.

4. Go to the Sources tab and delete the source of the same index.

5. Do Report Sync Issues and Reset Definition. Undeploy the index.

6. Deploy the index and run it again.

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