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PeopleSoft Remote Cobol Error

While running a PeopleSoft appengine program, especially in case of Payroll Interface appengine program, PI_PIRUN, you are likely to encounter a situation where the app engine program fails with an error, which is similar to

“…..did not complete in allowed time (50 seconds). Killing process (2, -1)”

If the process is submitted to the process scheduler, then relevant setting is in the PSPRCS.CFG file — RCCBL Timeout because it is the process (Application Engine) which was initiated by the scheduler, that kicked off remote call.

Often times when you’re creating a new Payroll Interface or modifying it, you end up having a SQL which is not efficient and causes the SQL to run for long. Or otherwise it may also be a situation that the data has grown so much that the SQL is unable to finish within the time it used to finish earlier.

The Application Server configuration file PSPRCS.CFG has a parameter called RCCBL timeout, which determine the time for which a remote call can exist. When the SQL is not efficient and does not finish before the RCCBL timeout parameter, you will get an error similar to ” did not complete in allowed time (50 seconds). Killing process (2, -1)”

Solution for this is pretty simple:
Update the PSPRCS.CFG file and edit the parameter RCCBL Timeout to something greater. If you’re unsure, you can choose a much higher value and then reduce it at a later point of time. Relevant section of the PSPRCS.CFG file is shown below.

1. Increase the Service Timeout for the server that advertises for remote call
Settings for RemoteCall
RCCBL Timeout=9000

2. Archive data. You can archive data from tables, which’ve outgrown several times over. This is especially beneficial in case of Global Payroll.

The Application Server, Webserver and the Process Scheduler use the configuration file settings specified during their respective boot time. So, any changes made to the config file (excluding trace changes) do not take effect until you restart the particular server.

Apurva Tripathi