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Error While Installing NetExpress 5.1 RunTime License

Installing, compiling and running COBOLS in PeopleSoft is fairly simple but when you get issues then sometimes it may take longer to solve those. Though there might be a small configuration change that may fix it, but at times it may get critical depending on the situation and issue at hand.

When you install Micro Focus Net Express 51. License Database on run-time server (e.g. process scheduler), you may get errors.

“ERROR – PeopleSoft Applications have not been installed correctly for Micro Focus NetExpress 5.1 Application Server Licensing to proceed”

If you get above error while running setupMF.exe, check the below:

  1. Make sure there isn’t any previous version of NetExpress is installed. If it’s installed then uninstall it.
  2. PS_HOME env. variable should point to your PeopleSoft Home where cblbin, CBLBINA and CBLBINE directories are present. You can do it using SET PS_HOME=  , command or can provide it when setupMF.exe asks you to enter it.
  3. PS_HOME should have compiled cobols i.e. PTP*.gnt files in cblbine, CBLBINA and CBLBINE directories. Note: If you’re using CBLBINE directory for compiled COBOL files, make sure you copy those into CBLBINA too, as while installing Micro Focus License database, this location is checked too. Once the installation is finished, you can remove the content of CBLBINA if not required. This step is not mentioned in most of the documentation that you find online or on Oracle support.
  4. Delete C:\psft-mf-nx-as-license directory, if it already exists.
  5. Make sure to delete registry entry for previous install of Micro Focus NetExpress . On 32-bit windows, registry entry will be
    and on 64-bit windows , registry will be

    After you’ve confirmed the above steps, follow the steps to install Micro Focus Net Express 5.1 License Database on Run-Time systems.