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How to Enable COBOL Trace in PeopleSoft

COBOLs are an integral part of PeopleSoft. If your PeopleSoft base has NA Payroll, Global Payroll or Payroll Interface modules installed, you’re likely to come across COBOL issues once a while. Some of these might need to enable COBOL trace for further troubleshooting.
You can enable COBOL trace in PeopleSoft in both two tier and three tier modes.

How to Enable COBOL Trace in PeopleSoft

Enable COBOL Trace in 3 Tier Mode in PeopleSoft

1)  Shutdown the application server
2)  Open the psappsrv.cfg
3)  Set the RCCBL Redirect to 1
4)  Uncomment the line Log Directory (in the domain settings section) <== This is a necessary step
(If it is on unix, make sure the “\” is changed to “/”)
5)  Set the TraceSQL to 255.
6)  Save psappsrv.cfg
7)  Start the application server (it will take some time for the app. server to boot, as you have turned on tracing)
8)  Click on any remotecall cobol and then check both the temp and <pshome>/appserv/logs folders for the following:
a)           you will have <COBOL PROGRAM>_<OPRID>.out /.err files appearing in the <pshome>/appserv/logs folder.
b) you will also get sql trace of the panels involving sql
c) you will also get cobsql_<datetime>.trc  (THIS IS THE TRACE FILE YOU WANT TO SEE)
[Process Scheduler] Log Directory=%PS_SERVDIR%/logs

Enable COBOL Trace in 2 tier mode

1) Open configuration manager — Trace Tab.
2) Check all or selected boxes on the left-hand side (except for the Sybase Information)  on the Trace Tab
3) Check the Re-direct output box on the Process Scheduler tab of Configuration Manager also.
The cobsql trace file will reside under %TEMP%\PS\DBName in the format cobsql_program-name_datetime.trc.
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