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Error: Micro Focus License Manager service is not running

Trying to run COBOL process from PeopleSoft Process Scheduler and getting ‘Micro Focus License Manager service is not running’ ? In most of the cases it happens when you change or upgrade your windows server on which process scheduler is hosted.

Micro Focus License Manager Service is required on run-time systems where compiled COBOLs are run, like process scheduler. Try the following to resolve this issue:

  1. If you didn’t change the server and you suddenly started getting this error, go to your process scheduler and check if windows service for ‘Micro Focus License Manager’ is started. If it’s stopped, manually start it.
  2. If it’s a NEW SERVER, then make sure you have installed the Micro Focus NetExpress 51. License Database on the server. It’s required to run on the machine where COBOLs are run. Even if you have copied compiled COBOL files in PS_HOME directory, license manager still needs to be present on the server.
  3. If Run-time license is installed then most likely the license manager service was not installed and started. Open command prompt and change directory to C:\MFLicense-Extract (default location for MFLicense.exe extract), and run MFLWin.exe –i command to install and start the Micro Focus License Manager Service.


Once you have checked above steps, go ahead and run a test COBOL. Incase you still get error, you need to check if the license was properly installed on the server. Here are the installation steps for Micro Focus NetExpress 5.1 License Database.

Apurva Tripathi