PeopleSoft Query – Which Tables are Involved?

PeopleSoft Query is a great way to retrieve information from PeopleSoft without having to write the complex SQL queries. However, as a PeopleSoft admin – there may be situations when you need to seek information from the PeopleSoft Query tables. For example, find out the private queries of a PeopleSoft user; Convert all private queries to public queries; when was a particular PeopleSoft query last updated etc.

As a PeopleSoft user, you might be aware of the fact that the actual SQL that is generated for a query isn’t actually stored in text format but is generated on the basis of information stored in a number of tables, which are categorized under the name PeopleTools tables.

Complete List of PeopleSoft Query Tables

One of the best and easy way to find the PeopleSoft Query tables is to know the fact that the PeopleSoft Query tables follow  a naming convention, which is table names start with PSQRY. The SQL that you see is generated on the basis of all these tables rather than being stored in one column in one table.

The full list of tables involved with PeopleSoft Query does change every now and the list below is good as of PeopleTools 8.53. Some of the important PeopleSoft Query tables have been explained to begin with.


PSQRYBIND – stores all run-time prompt data


PSQRYCRITERIA – stores all criteria expressions in code format

PSQRYDEFN – stores high-level query definitions with version numbers.

PSQRYDEFNLANG – Non-English detail is stored in it as well as in PSQRYHEADLANG

PSQRYHEADLANG – Non-English detail is stored in it as well as in PSQRYDEFNLANG

PSQRYFIELD – stores all fields used in all aspects of query operation



PSQRYEXPR – stores the text associated with each criteria expression


PSQRYFIELD – stores all fields used in all aspects of query operation



PSQRYLINK – stores the relationships to child queries


PSQRYRECORD – stores all records used in all aspects of query creation

PSQRYSELECT – stores all SELECT requirements by select type, i.e. union, subselect, join,….




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