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Datetime field format error

This is a quick short post for resolution of the datestamp error while running a PS Query. Datestamp errors are quite common when running a PS Query.

When you run a PS Query and are prompted to enter the datetime value – many a times you will end up entering a wrong format and you will receive an error, which says “Datetime field format error. Please reenter using the proper format. This field allows for entry of a datetime value. Use the formats set in the international section of your Windows Control Panel.”

This field allows for entry of a datetime value

All you need to do is look at the clock in the right bottom of your computer and enter it accordingly. For example, my right bottom clock shows 2:11 PM 1/3/2015 – I will enter it when prompted as 1/3/2015 2:11 PM and the date conversion will happen automatically for the query.

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