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How to Completely Uninstall Puppet

PeopleSoft DPKs use Puppet to automate the installation of software and deployment of PeopleSoft domains and PeopleTools. When you perform installation using any PeopleSoft DPK, it installs Puppet on the computer or server if the appropriate version is not present already.

Usually you won’t have any issue with the Puppet software but there are some cases wherein you may have issues for example when performing cleanup of a higher PeopleTools and installation of a lower PeopleTools release. You may also have issues when re-purposing a server or a computer.

For example, one of the errors you may get is:

Invalid Puppet version or left-over directory and registry key exist. Please refer to the log for details.

To resolve this issue and similar issues, you may need to uninstall Puppet completely.

How to Completely Uninstall Puppet

The error is indicative of what is the cause of the issue – left over Puppet and you need to completely uninstall Puppet to get past the error you’re receiving.

Below steps will help you with uninstallation of Puppet on a Windows machine.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features, highlight the entries for Puppet and select Uninstall.

2. Go to C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs and delete it.
3. Delete the Windows Registry for Puppet: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Puppet Labs
4. Run dpk setup script again

Apurva Tripathi