PeopleTools 8.53 – How to Uninstall PeopleSoft PIA from IBM Websphere

You might need to uninstal the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture from IBM WebSphere. In PeopleTools 8.53, you cannot uninstall PeopleSoft PIA simply by deleting <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>, without uninstalling it from IBM WebSphere Administration Console.

If you happen to delete <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>, the IBM WebSphere registry becomes corrupt, and subsequent attempts to install PeopleSoft PIA will fail. The correct sequence of steps to uninstall PeopleSoft PIA on IBM WebSphere as mentioned below.

To Uninstall PeopleSoft PIA on IBM WebSphere:

    1. Open IBM WebSphere Administration Console at http://<machine-name>:9060/ibm/console
    2. Log in as any user.Choose Applications, Enterprise Applications.
    3. Select the check boxes for the PeopleSoft PIA applications you want to uninstall, and click Stop.
    4. Select the check boxes for the PeopleSoft PIA applications you want to uninstall, and click Uninstall.
    5. Save your configuration.
    6. Stop WebSphere server using the following commands:
      On Windows: <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>\bin\stopServer.bat server1
      On UNIX or Linux: <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>\bin\ server1
    7. In addition to uninstalling the application, you need to remove the WebSphere Application Server profile to complete the uninstallation of the PIA from IBM Websphere.
      To uninstall profile run the following steps:
      a. Go to <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>\bin
      b. Run the following command
      On Windows: manageprofiles.bat -delete -profileName <profile_name>
      On UNIX: -delete -profileName <profile_name>
      where <profile_name> indicates the application name that you have selected during the PIA install.
      c. Delete the directory <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<profile_name>

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