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PeopleSoft License Codes

PeopleSoft license codes are needed when you do a fresh install of a PeopleSoft demo or any other install. You also need this license code when you apply PeopleSoft application bundles and patches or when you do PeopleTools upgrade or apply a patch. If your customer already has a license, you can very well get it from him otherwise your client will have to buy PeopleSoft license from Oracle.

Oracle also provides PeopleSoft license codes for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise line of products. These codes unlock all modules for a particular product suite and database combination, regardless of the specific modules licensed. When prompted during the installation process, enter the appropriate license code from the list below.

Note: Hyphens are included in the license code strings to allow you to more easily cut-and-paste individual segments of the string; they are not part of the license code string itself.

Peoplesoft license codes:

As per PeopleSoft Product

As per Database Platform



Apurva Tripathi