PeopleSoft Financials – Commonly Used Tables

PeopleSoft Financials – Commonly Used Tables

VENDOR             Vendor Header Table – Main Vendor table which contains many important fields related to the vendor. (i.e. Vendor ID, Name, Address)
VENDOR_LOC         Vendor Location – Location Information for each Vendor
VENDOR_ADDR         Vendor Address – Address Information for each Vendor
VENDOR_WTHD_JUR     Vendor Withhold Jurisdiction – Withholding Information Populated (Important in 1099 Processing)

REQ_HDR Requisition Header – Header Record for Requisition
REQ_LINE         Requisition Line – Line Record for Requisition
REQ_LINE_DISTRIB     Requisition Line Distribution – Accounting Distribution for Requisition
REQ_LINE_SHIP         Requisition Line Delivery Schd – Shipment Details for Requisition
REQ_APPROVAL         Requisition Approval – Approval Information for Requisition
REQUESTOR_TBL         Master Requester Table – Requester Information

PO_HDR             Purchase Order Header – Header Record for Purchase Order
PO_LINE         Purchase Order Line – Line Record for Purchase Order
PO_LINE_DISTRIB     PO Line Accounting Entries – Accounting Distribution for Purchase Order
PO_LINE_MATCHED     PO Line Billed Amounts – Match Information for PO (Voucher, Receipt, PO)
PO_APPROVAL         Purchase Order Approval – Approval Information for Purchase Order
PO_LINE_SHIP         PO Line Shipping Schedule – Shipment Details for Purchase Order

RECV_HDR         Receiver Header – Receipt Header Table
RECV_LN_DISTRIB     Receipt Accounting Entries – Receipt Distribution Line
RECV_LN_ASSET         Receiving Asset Interface Scrl – Receipt Line Asset Information
RECV_LN_SHIP         Receipt Shipping Schedule – Receipt Shipment Information

VOUCHER AP         Voucher Header Table – Header Record for Voucher
VOUCHER_LINE         Voucher Line – Line Record for Voucher
DISTRIB_LINE         Voucher Distribution Table – Accounting Distribution for Voucher
GRP_AP AP         Control Group Table – AP Control Group Data

EX_TAUTH_HDR         Travel Authorization Header – Header Record for TA
EX_TAUTH_LINE         Line Information – Line Record for TA
EX_TAUTH_DIST         Travel Authorization Dist – Accounting Distribution for TA

EX_SHEET_HDR         Expense Sheet Header – Header Record for Expense Report
EX_SHEET_LINE         Expense Report Line – Line Record for Expense Report
EX_SHEET_DIST         Expense Line Distributions – Accounting Distribution for Expense Report

EX_ADV_HDR         Advance Header – Header Record for Advances
EX_ADV_LINE         Advance Line – Line Record for Advances
EX_ADV_DIST         Cash Advance Distribution – Accounting Distribution for Advances
EX_ADV_APPRVR         Approvers – Approval Information Related to Advances

PERS_DATA_EFFDT     Effective Dated Personal Data – Main Personal Data table which contains many

EX_ADV_HDR         Advance Header – Header Record for Advances
JOB EE Job         History – HR Manager Information

PAYMENT_TBL        AP Disbursements – Detail of each payment generated from the Accounts Payable Pay Cycle. Includes fields such as Check #, Payment #, Vendor Paid, Employee ID Paid (From
Expenses), Address and Method of Payment, Payment Status (i.e. Cancelled, Scheduled)
PYMNT_VCHR_XREF     Voucher Scheduled Payment – Accounts Payable Detail (i.e. Voucher ID) related to a
EX_ADVNCE_PYMNT     Advance Payment – Cash Advance Detail related to a specific payment.
EX_SHEET_PYMNT         Sheet Payment – Expense Report Detail related to a specific payment.

GENERAL LEDGER (Ledger populated by GL Posting Process)
JRNL_HEADER        Journal Header Data – Header Record for Journal. Important Fields include the following: JOURNAL_ID, JOURNAL_DATE, JRNL_HDR_STATUS, BUDGET_HDR_STATUS, DESCR254
JRNL_LN            Journal Line Data – Line Record for Journal. Important fields include the following: Journal ID, Journal Line #, Department ID and Account (and Other Chartfields), Budget Line
Status, Distribution Amounts, Budget Dates, Close Flag
LEDGER             Ledger Data – Summary of Balances by Chartfields by Fiscal Year, Accounting Period

COMMITMENT CONTROL (Populated by Budget Check process)
LEDGER_KK         Ledger Data – Summary of Balances by Chartfields by Fiscal Year, Accounting Period.  Similar to LEDGER table with the additional field, for Budget Period.
KK_BUDGET_LN         KK Budget Journal Line – Budget Transfer and Budget Entry Journal Lines
KK_BUDGET_HDR         KK Budget Journal Header – Budget Transfer and Budget Entry Journal Header
KK_ACTIVITY_LOG     KK budget activity record – Transaction Accounting Details populated on this record when an Item is ‘Budget Checked’. Each transaction is identified by KK Transaction ID
KK_SOURCE_HDR         Comm. Cntrl. Source Hdr Table – Associates the KK Transaction ID’s with a more module specific Identifier, like a specific Voucher ID
KK_LIQUIDATION         Comm. Cntrl. Liquidation Table – For each KK Transaction ID, the amount remaining to be liquidated. (i.e. Amount of encumbrance remaining to be released for PO or TA)NOTE: These Tables do not contain any information that you could not otherwise find using files delivered with the PeopleSoft System.

FIU_POSTN_BUDGT     Position Budget Reporting – Position Budgets (Unique to FIU)
LEDGER_BUDG         Budget Ledger Data – Ledger for Last Year’s Budget, Forecast and Requested budgets

CHARTFIELD TABLES    DEPT_TBL Departments – Department Ids
PROJECT         Projects – Stores the Project information when a new Project is created, keyed by Business Unit
GL_ACCOUNT_TBL         Accounts – Accounts
SPEEDTYP_TBL         SpeedTypes – Speedtypes
FUND_TBL         Fund Table – Fund Codes: E&G, AUX, C&G, Agencies, FA, Student Related Activities, and Concessions
CLASS_CF_TBL        Class of Trade Table – Class (Campus / Location) Codes: 1. Modesto A. Madique Campus, 2. Biscayne Bay Campus, 3. Broward, 4. Pembroke Pines, 5. Wolfsonian
PROGRAM_TBL         Program Table – PCS Codes \ Functional Component \ Program Codes
BUD_REF_TBL         Budget Reference Table – Budget Reference
ALTACCT_TBL         Alternate Account – Alternate Accounts established by the State of Florida for state accounting
COMBO_DATA_TBL         ChartField Combo Data Tbl – Contains Valid CF Combinations (or Invalid depending on Rule Definition)

BOOK             Financial Book – The table has the Financial Asset Book transactions. Important fields include BU, Asset #, Book, Begin_Depr_Dt
COST             Asset Cost Transactions – The table has the Asset Cost transactions Important fields include Asset #, Book, Group_Asset_ID, Category, Cost Type, Cost
INTFC_PRE_AM         Pre-Interface Table to AM – Table initially loaded with asset detail from other system (i.e. Accounts Payable)
INTFC_FIN         AM Interface-Financial – Accounting Detail associated with asset initially loaded into Asset Management
ASSET            Asset General Information – The primary Asset table populated when an asset is created. Important fields include: Asset #, Tag, Description, Acquisition dates, Serial #, Profile
DEPRECIATION        Depreciation Transactions – The table has the Depreciation transactions. Important fields include the following: BU, Asset #, Book, Start_PD, End_PD, Trans_Dt
ASSET_ACQ_DET         Asset Acquisition Detail – Asset Acquisition Detail
ASSET_NBV_TBL         Asset NBV Reporting Table – Asset Net Book Value DetailNOTE: These Tables do not contain any information that you could not otherwise find using files delivered with the PeopleSoft System.

VCHR_ACCTG_LN         AP Accounting Entries – Accounts Payables (Vouchers)
EX_ACCTG_LINE         Expense Accounting Line – Travel & Expenses (Cash Advances \ Expense Reports)
DIST_LN AM         Accounting Entries – Asset Management (Assets)
CA_ACCTG_LN_PC         Accounting line tbl for CA/PC – Contracts (Grants Billing)
BI_ACCT_ENTRY         Billing Account Entry table – Billing (Grants Billing)
ITEM_DST         Customer Item Distribution – Receivables (Grants Receivables \ Payments)
PAY_MISC_DST         Non Customer Payment Distrib – Receivables (Grants Payments)
SF_ACCTG_LN         Student Financials Acctg Line – Student Financials (including Cashiering)
HR_ACCTG_LINE         Payroll Accounting Line – Payroll (PSFT HR\Payroll on 1/1/2012)
JGEN_ACCT_ENTRY     JrnlGen Accounting Entry Table – Pinnacle (Telecommunications)

CA_DETAIL_DST         Contract Distribution Detail – Links Projects to Contracts/”Awards”
CA_CONTR_HDR         Contract Header – Line Record for Purchase Order
PROJECT         Projects – Stores the Project information when a new Project is created, keyed by Business Unit
GM_AWARD         Award Parent Record – Header Record for Award
GM_PROPOSAL         Grants Proposal – Header Record for Proposal

BI_HDR             Bill Header – Header record for Customer Bill
BI_LINE         Bill Lines – Line Information for customer bills

ITEM             Customer Items – Header Record for Receivables Items
ITEM_ACTIVITY         Customer Item Activity – Detail Line information for Receivables Items
ITEM_DST         Customer Item Distribution – Item Chartfield Distribution

DEPOSIT_CONTROL     Deposit Control Information – List the Customer Deposit Information (Deposit BU and Deposit ID are Keys)
PAYMENT         Payments – Payment information for the Customers (Customer Payments\Receipts)
PAYMENT_ID_CUST     Payment Customer Identification – Payment Customer Information
PAYMENT_ID_ITEM     Payment Item Identification – Payment Item Identification

CUSTOMER         Customer Header Information – Header for Customer Data
CUST_ADDRESS         Customer Address Detail – Customer Address Information
CUST_CONTACT         Customer Contact Detail – Customer Contact Information
CUST_DATA         Customer Info / Balances – Customer Details such as Customer Balance, Last Payment, Last Aged
CUST_AGING         Customer Aging – Customer Details such as Aging Id, Aging Amount, Count, etc.

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