How to Enable PeopleSoft Classic Mode instead of Fluid mode | PeopleSoft Tutorial

Switching PeopleSoft Home Page from Classic mode to Fluid UI on Desktop computers

Firstly, make sure you’ve enabled the Fluid UI for desktop computers. Now based on your personalization settings, you would be either shown a Fluid UI home page or classic home page. Default setting for desktop computers is to show classic home page.

To switch from Classic Home page to Fluid UI , Click on NavBar and then select “Fluid Home”.

Your home page for that session will change to Fluid.

Similarly to switch from Fluid Home to Classic Home, Click on NavBar and select “Classic Home” and your homepage for that session will change to Classic. Please note, that when you’re using PeopleSoft Fluid home, NavBar will be shown by clicking the button on top right corner of your home page as shown below.

Remember once you sign out and sign back again, your default home page setting in ‘My Personalization’ will take into effect. So if you want any particular home page to be shown every time you login , make sure to change it in your personalization settings.


  • Supriya Desai says:

    I am not able o get the classic mode option when I am in Fluid Mode? What needs to be done. Every time I only see Fluid Mode

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