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List of PeopleSoft Enterprise FMS and HRMS EIPs

PeopleSoft Integration Broker technology provides these Web Service-ready EIPs, which are used for integration between HRMS and ELM as well as FMS and ELM.


• Business unit HR, currency, position, state, country, job code, set ID workforce data

• Employee personal data, employee job data, competency setup data

• Rating models, competencies, role competencies, employee competency data

• Employee competencies (inbound/outbound)

• Employee objectives met (outbound)

• Person of Interest (new in 9.0)

• Company (new in 9.0)

• Department (new in 9.0)

• All Learning (new in 9.0)

• DIF Balance (new in 9.0)

• Student Cost Acknowledgment (new in 9.0)

• Training Hours Acknowledgement (new in 9.0)

• Publish Student Cost (new in 9.0)

• Publish Training Hour (new in 9.0)

• Catalog Types (new in 9.0)

• Catalog Item (new in 9.0)

• Catalog Type Properties (new in 9.0)

• Profile Types (new in 9.0)

• Profile Items (new in 9.0)

• Learner Profile Item (new in 9.0)

FMS EIPs: Setup

• Tableset control, SETID initialize, business unit GL, journal generator template accounting entry

• Export accounting entries to GL (outbound)

• Receive journal ID and journal data for accounting entries (inbound)

• Charge back posting to the general ledger and real-time combination editing validation for journal entries

FMS EIPs: Chart Fields

• Account; chart field 1, 2, and 3; class field; product; alternate account; fund code; program code; budget reference; operating unit; project; HR department

Note: For customers, Oracle strives to ensure success with this functional area by providing product-specific User and Implementation guides, functionality-specific Redpapers, and global technical support.

Apurva Tripathi