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PeopleTools 8.53: Steps For Installing PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 on Windows 8

Considering you’ve downloaded the list of software required for installation of PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 on Windows 8, below is summary of steps that are involved in installation of PeopleSoft Application HCM 9.2 with PeopleTools 8.53 on a Windows 8 PC.

Installing Required Software

Install Oracle Database 11g R2 (64-bit)

Install Oracle 11g R2 Client for Windows (32-bit)

Install PeopleTools 8.53

Install Tuxedo 11 for Windows 64-bit

Install PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

Install JDK 64-bit for Windows 7

Install WebLogic Server in 64-bit mode

Creating PeopleSoft Database

Create Oracle Database using DBCA

Edit and Run UTLSPACE.SQL – Create Catalog Views and Utility Tablespaces

Edit and Run DBOWNER.SQL – Create PS.PSDBOWNER table

Edit and Run HCDDL.SQL – Create Application (HCM) specific Tablespaces

Edit and Run PSROLES.SQL – Create PeopleSoft Database Roles

Edit and Run PSADMIN.SQL – Create PeopleSoft Database Owner ID e.g. sysadm

Edit and Run CONNECT.SQL – Create Connect ID e.g. people

Configure PeopleSoft Configuration Manager

Running Database Setup to Create Data Mover Import Script

Running Data Mover Import Scripts

Updating Database to Latest PeopleTools Release

Updating PeopleTools System Tables

  • Edit and Run GRANT.SQL – Grant permissions to connect id
  • Edit and Run MSGTLSUPG.DMS – Update PeopleSoft PeopleTools Messages
  • Edit and Run STOREDDL.DMS – Update Platform Specific DDL Model Statements

Copy Project PPLTLS84CUR – Update PeopleTools Database Objects

Copy Project PPLTLS84CURDEL – Delete Obsolete PeopleTools Database Objects

Build PPLTLS84CUR Project – Compare data structures of database tables with PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tables

Copy Project PT84TBLSPC – Migrating Records to new tablespaces

Build PT84TBLSPC Project

Updating PeopleTools System Data

Edit and Run PSLANGUAGES.DMS – Load Language specific seed data

Edit and Run TLSUPGNONCOMP.DMS – Import updated Trees, Roles and Access Groups

Edit and Run MSGTLENG.DMS – Update messages

Edit and Run PTSTRENG.DMS – Update the SQR String

Edit and Run STOREPT.DMS – Update COBOL Stored statements

Edit and Run PTDEFNSEC.DMS – Update Definition Security group

Edit and Run CREATEVW.DMS – Recreate all views in the database

Running PeopleTools Conversion

  • Run AE program UPGPT850PTFP – Populates feed options tables PS_PFTP_OPTIONS
  • Run AE program UPGPT852PTFP – Updates feeds for Active data guard
  • Run AE program UPGPTWBPFNVP – Updates Web Profiles
  • Run AE program UPGPTPGFLRS – Updates Chart and Grid Filters
  • Run AE program UPGPTHASH – Populates the hash columns on PSPCMTEXT and PSSQLHASH

Running Additional PeopleTools Conversions

  • Run AE program UPGPTSERVOPR – Convert WSDL and Schema data

Run VERSION AE program



Run SETSPACE.SQR – Populate or synchronize tablespace info with system catalog

Run ALTERAUDIT – Checks whether PeopleTools tables are synchronized with underlying SQL data tables

Creating and Configuring PeopleSoft Application Server on PT8.53

Installing PeopleSoft Internet Architecture on Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6

Creating and Configuring PeopleSoft Process Scheduler on PT8.53

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