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How to Specify an Alternate Location for Verity Search Indexes?

If you’re using a PeopleSoft application release 9.1 or prior – it is likely that you’re using Verity. PeopleSoft SES has replaced Verity in 9.2 application, but for prior releases, Verity has been the search framework within PeopleSoft.

The default location of the Verity search indexes is <PS_HOME>/data/search/<index_name>/<db_name>/<lang_code>. Because you build the search index using process scheduler and then access the search data using application server – even trivial issues can cause the process to break and yield incorrect results.

There are cases when you try to build the index in a non-default location the index does not build properly.  If you try to move the index to an alternate location and hard code that path in psappsrv.cfg, the search returns no results. We will try to answer those questions in this article.

Confirm Verity Installation

Go to <PS_HOME>\Verity\winx86\_nti40\bin and run rcvdk or version – it will show you the current version of Verity installed. If running PeopleTools 8.53 – you will see version 6.5.0 and if running PeopleTools 8.48, 8.49 or 8.50 – the Verity version you will see is 6.2.1

How to Specify an Alternate Location for Verity Search Indexes

By design, the index must be built in the data/search directory of a PS_HOME in order to be searched.

This is how it works:

1. Add the entry into the psappsrv.cfg, i.e.  “D:\Test_Index”.
2. Copy the index directory to the D:\Test_Index directory.
3. Move all the files under the “D:\Test_Index\<index_name>\<db_name>” directory into “D:\Test_Index\<index_name>”.
The code will NOT search the index under the database name folder like it would if it is under the default location of ..\data\search if it is being relocated outside the default search directory.

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