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How to Cleanup PSEMHUB

There are situations when you may have the need to refresh or clean up the Environment Management Hub (PSEMHUB). Interestingly, Oracle recommends that the task to clean up the EMF should be a routine activity. Anway, hardly anyone does clean up of the PSEMHUB on a regular basis and here are some of the situations which may require you to refresh the PSEMHUB:

  • After applying a maintenance pack – MPs deliver a large number of files and clearing the cache after applying a MP may help improve the performance when applying future updates.
  • After applying a PeopleTools PATCH – Older PeopleTools information in the cached directories can cause many issues such as Change Assistant erroring after each step.
  • Change Assistant may hang on re-validation if the cache information is dirty.
  • If you are receiving a warning for most file deploys or during the Validation process (Tools->Validate), this may happen if you have older peer ids that are no longer used. Clearing the cache will remove these older peer ids and will stop the warnings from appearing. The Validation process may also state that Agents are Stopped; this would also call for the cleanup to be done.
  • If following message appear in PSEMAgent log or console “Environment Management is currently revalidating or recrawling agents. Trying again in 30 seconds”.
  • Java errors may occur when running jobs in Change Assistant, such as: “Exception Java.lang.NullPointerException Caught in”
  • Change Assistant won’t re-start
  • Change Assistant is reporting that you need to apply pre-requisites that have already been applied.

How to Clean PSEMHUB

To Clean up the PSEMHUB cache data you also need to ensure that you delete data from all the Agents and the Peers, you cannot just delete data from the PSEMHUB server. You need to perform this cleanup on all Agents, Change Assistant (CA), Viewer and HUB, that  will reinitialize everything for you.

Make sure you stop the Agents, CA, Viewer, HUB before you delete these files or directories. After that you can restart them. Be sure to shut down the Weblogic server; in some cases it has been necessary to shut down the Weblogic server via the Weblogic console in order for clean up to be effective.

For Agents, Viewer and Change Assistant:
Delete the following directories, under PS_HOME\PSEMAgent for Agents, under PS_HOME\PSEMViewer for the Viewer and under the Change Assistant directory for Change Assistant.
envmetadata/transactions (if it exists)

For Agents and Change Assistant delete the following file:

Delete the following directories under PS_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PSEMHUB
if your domain name is not ‘peoplesoft’ then change the above directory accordingly.
PSEMHUB\envmetadata\transactions (if it exists)

Also delete all files and directories within:
PSEMHUB\envmetadata\data\*.* (files and directories.don’t delete the data directory itself)

NOTE – The naming convention for PSEMHUB Dir reflect as PSEMHUB.war starting with PeopleTools 8.51

Apurva Tripathi

  • elraff says:

    Hi Apurva,
    I have followed above instructions. When opening CA the PSEM hub is still not recognizing the environments and so is not deploying the files to target environment when applying any patch.

    Any idea of steps I should follow to make this work?
    Meant to say I´ve got a decoupled server with 1 ps_home (tools) and then a ps_app_home and a ps_cfg_home with 3 environments.


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