HC_HRS_JOB_POSTING_NON_GLOBAL Has Not Been Deployed (262,665)

When you perform search in Recruiting -> Postings -> Search job Postings, following error is received:

Search Category HC_HRS_JOB_POSTING_NON_GLOBAL has not been deployed. (262,665) PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.MESSAGE.QueryRequest.OnExecute Name:AddDataGroups PCPC:7576 Statement:91
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.QueryService.OnExecute Name:createQueryRequest Statement:207
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.QueryService.OnExecute Name:ExecuteQuery Statement:46
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.Query.OnExecute Name:Execute Statement:39
Called from:HRS_COMMON.SEARCH.BUS.JobSearchProvider.OnExecute Name:searchSESCollection Statement:79
Called from:HRS_COMMON.SEARCH.BUS.JobSearchProvider.OnExecute Search cannot be made on Search

Categories which are not deployed. Please deploy the Search Category before including it in a Search.

On the onset it looks like the regular error, which comes when a particular search index is not deployed. However, have a closer look and you will see that it is for a search category and not a search index. To perform searches, the SES search engine uses a set of indexes that contain data from your system; it does not search the database tables directly. The index must be routinely updated to reflect the latest database changes.

SES creates search indexes based on search definitions, which in turn belong to search categories.

Oracle delivers the following SES search definitions to support recruiting searches. All have the object owner identifier HRS (Recruiting Solutions), and all belong to search categories with the exact same name as the search definition:


To resolve the error, you not only need to deploy the search index, but also the search category.

To create SES indexes:

1. Deploy the recruiting search definitions. Navigate to select PeopleTools, then select Search Framework, then select Administration, then select Deploy\Delete Object component to access the Deploy Search Definition page. Then select the recruiting search definitions and click the Deploy button.

The system auto-deploys recruiting search categories when the corresponding search index is deployed. However, you will need to deploy HC_HRS_JOB_POSTING_NON_GLOBAL manually and not others which get manually deployed.

2. Build the Search Index. Navigate to select PeopleTools, then select Search Framework, then select Designer, then select Schedule Search Index, then select Build Search Index to access the Build Search Index page. Use this page to schedule the index build process and to indicate whether to run a full indexing process or an incremental indexing process.

You must run a full indexing process to create an index when none exists. After the index is created, you can schedule periodic incremental builds to keep the index current.

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