Benefits of Fluid User Interface | PeopleSoft Tutorial

Benefits of Fluid User Interface

If you access PeopleSoft application on any of the recent PeopleTools (e.g. PT 8.54 onwards), chances are that you have interacted with PeopleSoft Fluid User interface. PeopleSoft Fluid is very effective in use and attractive in design.

Not only that, fluid pages easily adapts and responds very well on mobile devices & tables. Even if you change the orientation of the mobile device from  landscape to portrait mode, the design would change automatically without reducing the visible content.

Mobile Application Strategy





In recent years, there has been a continuous expansion in the different variety of devices and browsers that are supported for PeopleSoft applications. This makes it very significant to have PeopleSoft application adapt to device type and display the content that best suits the device in use. In addition to displaying the pages correctly, the design should be attractive and efficient to use.

Highly Responsive Intuitive Application

While Fluid application does change the design by providing a better look and feel but there is another important factor which makes PeopleSoft Fluid a much needed feature.

PeopleSoft Fluid helps improve the business decision making process in an organization. With better application navigation, data search and easy information access now leaders can make quick and well informed decisions.





Fluid Technology has changed the business approach towards navigating through PeopleSoft application.

  • With the help of Fluid home pages, different navigation can be put together in forms of tile that are organized in one place. 
  • Fluid home pages can be designed based on user role or any particular department requirements.
  • This results in reducing the number of clicks and hence further improve application effectiveness and efficiency.

As discussed above, PeopleSoft Fluid has improved data search functionality and better integration across application using hyperlinks in various Fluid applications.

Improved Decision Making





To improve the decision making capabilities of business experts PeopleSoft has improved the data presentation with the help of functionalities like pivot grid.

It provided better transaction control which means there would be dynamic tiles available to showcase the most important information in the form of charts and graphs for users.   This leads to faster data analysis and hence efficient decision making.

Faster approval process is made possible by having the right information available for decision making and the enhanced capability to approve any request on the go.

With PeopleSoft Fluid, Oracle has delivered much needed capability to access PeopleSoft applications from various devices, empowered decision making process and made the approval decision faster.