PSQuery Tables

by Apurva T. on February 16, 2013

in PeopleSoft Administration

PSQuery tables are all PeopleTools tables. Here is the complete list of PeopleTools meta tables that store all the possible information about PSQueries. These tables are specific to Tools version 8.50 and could vary slightly in earlier and later versions. There are situations when you might need this list of tables, like when you need to restore just the PSQueries.

  1. PSQRYACCLSTAET – Query Access List State Record Used by PSQRYACCLIST App Engine Program
  2. PSQRYACCLSTRECS – Query Access Record List Populated by the PSQRYACCLIST App Engine Program Used by Query Run time to check for authorized list of records for each opr class
  3. PSQRYBIND – Query Prompt
  4. PSQRYBINDLANG – Query Prompt Alternate Lang.
  5. PSQRYCRITERIA – Query Criteria
  6. PSQRYDEFN – Query Definition
  7. PSQRYDEFNLANG – Query Definition Alt. Language
  8. PSQRYDEL – Query Definition
  9. PSQRYEXECLOG – Query RunTime Log
  10. PSQRYEXPR – Query Expression
  11. PSQRYFAVORITES – Query Manager Favorites Table
  12. PSQRYFIELD – Query Field
  13. PSQRYFIELDLANG – Query Field Alternate Language
  14. PSQRYFLAGS – Query Global Flags Table
  17. PSQRYRECORD – Query Record
  18. PSQRYSELECT – Query Select
  19. PSQRYSTATS – Query RunTime Statistics
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