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PeopleSoft SQR Interview Questions

SQRs are used at almost all the establishments, which use PeopleSoft. Most of them use SQRs for reporting purposes and need you to demonstrate expert level skills in PeopleSoft SQR. You can also refer to an excellent guide on PeopleSoft SQR interview questions. Here is a list of PeopleSoft interview questions on SQRs, which will help you prepare for PeopleSoft interview.

  1. What are the important SQCs needed to be attached?
  2. How do you do performance tuning of a SQR?
  3. Explain your experience working with functions and procedures in SQR.
  4. Can we call two procedures in On-Break? If yes, explain how.
  5. How to send emails using SQRs.
  6. What are the compulsory SQCs that should be used in a SQR program?
  7. How do you generate two output files from one SQR.
  8. What is hierarchy in arrays in SQR?
  9. What is the difference between using inner join and outer joins?
  10. Can we include SETENV.SQC at the end of the SQR program? If “NO” then why?
  11. How do you include SQCs in middle of the program? Is it possible ?
  12. We wish to print the EMPLID in the BARCODE format. What are the commands to be used in SQR?
  13. What is difference between Load Look up and Array.
  14. What is a search record?
  15. What is the program flow of SQR?
  16. Explain validation in a SQR program before loading to the database?
  17. How to create SQC?
  18. How to connect other application in component interface?
  19. What is the main difference between SQR and appengine.
  20. How do you decide between appengine or CI or SQR while conversion?
  21. Explain the difference between Translate & Prompt tables. What are the occasions when to use Translate values instead of Prompt table? What is the advantage of one over the other?
  22. What is the difference between BI,CI and IB?