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Cloud Acronyms Explained

Cloud computing offers a wide array of services ranging and thus employs a number of acronyms, which are easy to get confused with if your work does not deal with these acronyms on a daily basis. Understanding what you read about cloud computing will require a good memory for acronyms. Bookmark this page or keep this article handy.

IaaS Cloud – Infrastructure as a Service Cloud

When you need computing resources that you will configure to your requirements then look to infrastructure as a service or IaaS. With IaaS providers you can provision virtual machines, allocate storage, set up load balancers and allocate IP addresses.

PaaS Cloud – Platform as a Service Cloud

Next up the hierarchy of typical cloud services are platforms as a service (PaaS). PaaS providers manage many of the building blocks found in IaaS and offer services higher up the application stack with an emphasis on databases, application servers, and Web servers. PaaS is a good choice for developers who want to spend more time writing code than configuring servers.

SaaS Cloud – Software as a Service Cloud

Software as a service is a general term for end user and enterprise software made available to customers over the Web.Instead of worrying about virtual servers, as in IaaS, or runtime environments of PaaS, SaaS customers work with applications for accounting, human resources, and other business functions.

SECaaS Cloud – Security as a Service Cloud

Tired of keeping your email server anti-virus up to date? Not sure if your vulnerability scanner is properly configured? Concerned about data leaks but don’t know the first thing about email encryption? If so, security as a service may be an option for you.This is one of several specialized software as a service sub-types that has been bestowed its own acronym.

DaaS – Data as a Service – Cloud Acronyms

Since you can get software as a service it seems reasonable to think you should be able to get data as a service as well. DaaS providers collect and make available data on a wide range of topics, from economics and finance to social media to climate science. Some DaaS providers offer application programming interfaces (APIs) can provide on demand access to data when bulk downloads are not sufficient.

DaaS Cloud – Desktop as a Service Cloud

Server virtualization has brought significant efficiency gains so it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to virtualize desktops.Virtualizing desktops can have several advantages, including reduced maintenance costs, improved access to data and programs, and better utilization of computing and storage resources. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions are available for businesses that want to implement their own virtual desktops but cloud providers offer the service for others who want the benefits of VDI along with the benefits of cloud computing.

BDaaS Cloud – Big Data as a Service Cloud

Big data is a topic that has grown in popularity along with cloud computing.Big data is roughly defined as data sets that are too large, varied and dynamic to be reasonably managed with traditional data management techniques, such as relational databases.Big Data as a Service can include some of the features of data as a service as well as analytic services to cull information from large volumes of diverse data.

HDaaS Cloud – Hadoop as a Service Cloud

Hadoop is the workhorse of big data and implements the map-reduce model of analysis used by Google.There are multiple open source versions of Hadoop available but if you do not want to manage Hadoop infrastructure, HDaaS can provide a jump start on your big data analysis.
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BPaaS Cloud – Business Process as a Service Cloud

BPaaS is a catch all term for software as a service delivery that focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to business processes, such as personnel management,financial management or other forms of operational support. What follows over the next four slides are examples of four different types of business processes that have cloud-bases solutions.

 TEaaS Cloud – Test Environment as a Service Cloud

Sound software engineering requires sound testing practices. Testing can require properly configured servers, multiple client configurations, and well defined test cases run through testing support software. As with other business processes, software testing can involve a great deal of setup, configuration and maintenance time.Cloud providers help software developers and testers avoid the infrastructure hassles by providing test environments on demand.

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