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Learning PeopleSoft Application Engine

PeopleSoft Application Engine is a PeopleTool designed to help you develop and process high volume, background data processing in batch or online mode. In PeopleSoft Application Engine, a program is a set of SQL statements, PeopleCode, and program control actions (that enable looping and conditional logic) defined in PeopleSoft Application Designer that performs a business process. […]

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What’s up with PeopleSoft 9.3

All the PeopleSoft customers agree on one thing – the product is excellent but upgrades have been expensive as well as disruptive. This has led to many PeopleSoft customers in similar situation where the preferred path is to upgrade as infrequently as possible and/or wait for multiple releases before deciding on upgrade. Business drives customers […]

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July Newsletter

Hopefully you are enjoying the summer. Days are getting hot and the job market for PeopleSoft consultants is getting hotter. Especially in demand are the consultants for the 9.2 upgrade – almost every one is doing upgrade now-a-days. Some of the most referenced keywords in our website reflect the same trend : PeopleSoft Remote Lab, […]

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Free Online Class from UC Berkeley: Basic Concepts of Operating Systems & System Programming

University of California, Berkeley has provided a free online class on Basic Concepts of Operating Systems & System Programming (CS162) by Anthony D. Joseph. The purpose of this course is to teach the design of operating systems and other systems. Topics covered include concepts of operating systems, networking, database systems and systems programming, including multiple-program systems […]

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