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PeopleSoft Interview Questions

Below are the recent interview questions for a position in Corning Inc, NY. The position was for PeopleSoft Administrator. The answers provided by the candidate are also mentioned. You can have a look at the questions and answers and compare it with what you would have answered.

1) How do you configure app server and web server load balancing? Please elaborate.
App Server:
For app server load balancing, In file in your webserv directory, add all your app server hostnames and the configured jolt port separated by commas. For example, psserver=appserver1:9000,appserver2:9010,appserver3:9020.
For webserver load balancing, we need to create multiple instance of webserver and setup a separate load balancing software for sharing the load between webservers.

2) How do you setup Application Messaging Nodes in PT 8.1x?
Application messaging node can be setup using Application designer. To create and configure a new message node in PT 8.1x:
1.Open Application designer, Select New from the File menu and click Message Node. A Message Node window is displayed.
2.Right-click anywhere inside the white space and select Insert Location, The Location URL box is displayed
3.Enter the following URL for the PeopleSoft Application Gateway (handler directory):
4.Click OK-> Display the Message Node Properties dialog box.
5.Select the Use tab->In the text boxes, enter the PeopleTools and Application Version numbers->Click OK.
6.Display the Save As dialog box, and click ‘OK’ to save the message node.

3) Can you explain the PeopleSoft login process? Identify which users and tables are being used.
The peoplesoft login process through application designer is explained below,
In the Login Window, user has the option to select Type of login.
There if we select Database say Oracle then we are connecting directly to database.
1.User enters the credentials the App designer login window(PS/PS), App designer first connects to database using the connectID provided in the Configuration Manager.Usually, ConnectID will be people.
2.Once connection is successful, the user ‘people’ issues a couple of select statements on peopletools Security tables(PSDBOWNER/PSSTATUS/PSACCESSPRFL/PSOPRDEFN) to validate the credentials provided.
3.Gets the owner name from PSDBOWNER, usually SYSADM. Then checks the tools release.
4.Retrieves the SYMBOLICID (SYSADM1) for the given UserID from PSOPRDEFN.
5.Now gets the ACCESSID/PWD (SYSADM) from the PSACCESSPRFL which is linked to the SYMBOLICID.
6.Disconnects from Database, Connects using AccessID namely SYSADM/pwd. Now App Designer opens and is awaiting user action.

4) How do you troubleshoot Web Server OutofMemory errors?

Possible cause: Java heap size
Web server Outofmemory errors can be fixed bye increasing the Java heap size,
When using an Oracle WebLogic web server, you increase the JVM heap size in the setenv.cmd file.
To increase the Java heap size on an Oracle WebLogic web server:
In the setenv.cmd file,The file is located via the following path: <PIA_HOME>\webserv\peoplesoft\bin.
Locate the SET JAVA_OPTIONS parameter.
Change or add the –XmxZZm parameter, where ZZ equals the amount of RAM, in MB, to allocate.
The following example shows the parameter set to a maximum of 128 MB.
SET JAVA_OPTIONS=-hotspot -ms1m -mx128m
Save the changes.

5) How do you troubleshoot Application messages staying in Working status?
Possible cause:
1. Message Handler has crashed.
2. The Message Handler processing the message is on another machine, and either the machine or the application server domain is down. The Message handler working on the message is “blocked”. The service will timeout, and the Message Dispatcher will retry the message.