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PeopleSoft Mobile Approval Installation Steps for PeopleSoft Administrators

PeopleSoft applications running PeopleTools 8.52 or higher have the option of enabling PeopleSoft Mobile Approval Framework but Oracle recommends PeopleTools 8.54.07 or higher for the same. PeopleSoft Mobile Applications have been tested for several mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Nexus tablet and Samsung Galaxy tablet. PeopleSoft supports the Google Chrome browser (version 21 or above) for PeopleSoft Mobile Applications.

This article is intended for PeopleSoft Administrators for some of their tasks w.r.t. implementation or validation of PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals. PeopleSoft Mobile Approval is based on PeopleSoft Integration Broker, so if you have a system which uses Integration Broker heavily – chances are that most of your setup is already in place. If your PeopleSoft system uses less of integration broker — there may be a few things missing here and there, which you’ll need to correct.

PeopleSoft Mobile Approval Installation Steps

A. Verifying Integration Broker Gateway and Node Setup:

  1. Verify that you can ping local gateway and load connectors.
  2. In the Advanced Properties Page of PeopleSoft Node Configuration page — verify that the keystore location and password are set up.
  3. Verify that the Setup Target Location has valid target location (Navigation: PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Configuration -> Service Configuration and click the Setup Target Locations link) for REST.
  4. Verify that ping default local node works. It will work only if it has authentication set to password and has userid/password specified.
  5. Verify that ANONYMOUS node has the same userid specified.
  6. Perform MAP Synchronization by navigating to PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Integration Network WorkCenter and click the MAP File Synchronization link under the Configuration folder. Use the Synch button to make a REST call to retrieve files.
  7. Go to PeopleTools -> Mobile Application Platform -> Layout Designer and search for the PT_MAPFLUID layout. On the Layout page, click the View Initialization URL link to view and copy the URL and then paste the copied URL into a browser and verify that it works.

B. Verifying Services and Service Operations:

  1. Verify that the services HMAP_APPRO_MAIN_XXX1_MAP and HMAP_APPRO_DTL_XXX1_MAP exist (XXX represents HCM, FIN or ELM).
  2. Open the service HMAP_APPROVAL and verify that the service operations of your application are active .
  3. Verify that the following Service Operations are active, Handlers are active and Routings are active:
  4. As an additional validation, you can verify that “Local Node Introspection and Deployment” does not give any error for HMAP_APPROVAL. You’ll need to take corrective action if it gives an error.Introspection and Deployment link can be found in PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Integration Network WorkCenter — under the Administration folder.
Apurva Tripathi