Syntel PS Admin Interview Questions | PeopleSoft Tutorial

Syntel PS Admin Interview Questions

Below is the list of questions which are submitted by one of our readers who gave interview in Syntel for a PeopleSoft Admin role. These questions were actual interview questions that were asked..

  • Tell me something about your experience
  • Current environment
  • Have you worked on PeopleTools Upgrade
  • How often do you do monthly install in PRD
  • How to refresh Dev env from PRD data
  • Post Refresh Checklist
  • How to Configure change Assistant
  • How to apply Maintenance Packs and Bundles
  • PeopleSoft Signon Process
  • How to implement App Server Load Balancing and Failover
  • Steps to create an application for 20 developers
  • Report is in Success but Not posted, what could be the cause
  • How to configure Integration Broker
  • How to integrate application on PT 8.45, PT 8.48 and PT 8.5
  • Oracle Database cloning
  • How does LDAP works and have you configured it
  • Do we need separate peoplesoft id for LDAP users
  • How do you refresh a table in dev from PRD
  • How to migrate permission lists from one env to another
  • What things do you need to keep in mind while migration permission lists
  • Have you ever done any customizations
  • Have you worked on Unix env, If yes have you developed shell scripts
  • How do you rate yourself in Unix from a scale of from 1 – 5 (5 highest)

If you also have a list of good interview questions, please do submit to us so that everyone in the community can learn from your experiences.