What is TMUSREVT.EXE? | PeopleSoft Tutorial


TMUSREVT.EXE is known as Tuxedo Event Broker and is a new process added in PeopleTools 8.54. It’s used for Push Notification feature in PT 8.54.
To receive push notifications on a PeopleSoft system, you have to enable push notifications for the server domains where the events are being published. Events are published from application server domain, Process Scheduler domains, and the PIA domain web server.

TMUSREVT process needs to be booted on server domain if you wish to utilize push notification feature. To boot this process, make sure the ‘Push Notifications’ is set to YES in application server domain and process scheduler domain (used for notifications from process scheduler).


Enabling push notification on application server domain (Value no. 13)

Enabling push notification on process scheduler domain (Value no. 4)