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How to Cleanup SES Statistics Data

All the SES Query log data, which you see in various tabs of SES console, including General tab, Statistics tab is stored in the SES database. There are situations wherein you might need to clean this data for example, if you want to capture statistics of a query, which has performance issues and you want to cleanup the older data.

Query log is stored in the Oracle SES database for 7 days by default. You can enable or disable and change the query logging frequency by logging on to the SES console and navigating to Query Configuration


ses query statistics


You can run the following SQL commands to clean data from these tables. Also, you should use truncate command instead of delete command to get the cleanup done in a zip!

SQL> truncate table searchsys.eq$statistic;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.eq$user_clicks;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_CLICK_THROUGH;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_QUERY_STAT;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_STAT_DAILY;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_STAT_FAILED;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_STAT_INEFFECT;
SQL> truncate table searchsys.EQ$SUM_STAT_POPULAR;

Apurva Tripathi