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PeopleSoft Application Server Failed to Boot “Could not allocate bulletin board shared memory”

PeopleSoft application server is one which you’d starting and shutting down quite often. Though PeopleSoft application server is quite stable and usually is pretty straight forward to configure and once you get it to work, it is very unlikely to give you any sort of a problem. There are a few errors, which might show up every now and then if your PeopleSoft application server configuration is not correct or it becomes corrupt.

Let’s discuss one of the common error, which comes when you try to boot a PeopleSoft application server. The common place to find the root cause of the error is the PeopleSoft application server log.

Error while booting PeopleSoft Application Server

On checking the application server logs below error appeared

Tuxedo Version 9.1, 64-bit, Patch Level 036
LIBTUX_CAT:717: ERROR: Cannot attach to or create shared memory
LIBTUX_CAT:341: ERROR: Could not allocate bulletin board shared memory
LIBTUX_CAT:248: ERROR: System init function failed, Uunixerr =
CMDTUX_CAT:825: ERROR: Process BBL at xxxxxx failed with /T tperrno (TPESYSTEM – internal system error)
WARN: No BBL available on site xxxxxxx.


  1. Try bouncing the application server
  2. Clean the IPC resources
  3. Check for any orphan processes using the following command
    ps -ef | grep domain_name
    where domain_name is your application server domain name.
  4. If you see an orphan process for the domain, go ahead and kill that process
    kill -9 pid       
    where pid – process id of the orphan process
  5. Reconfigure the application server and then try to boot it.
  6. Try rebooting the physical server.

If you still get error while bringing up the application server, let us know in the comments section below or use the contact form and we will get back to you.