Understanding OPatch

by Apurva T. on September 8, 2014

in PeopleSoft Administration

OPatch is a Java-based, Oracle-supplied utility that assists in applying patches to Oracle’s software. It that runs on all supported operating systems and requires installation of the Oracle Universal Installer.  OPatch requires installation of the Oracle Universal Installer except in the case of another version of OPatch, which is called standalone OPatch. Standalone OPatch runs on Oracle homes without Oracle Universal Installer

Patches are a small collection of files copied over to an existing installation. They are associated with particular versions of Oracle products. When applied to the correct version of an installed product, patches result in an upgraded version of the product.

Location of OPatch:

OPatch can be found in the following location after you install any Oracle Fusion Middleware product – ORACLE_HOME/OPatch

To run OPatch, you need to simply run the opatch command in this directory.

Requirement for OPatch:

  • ORACLE_HOME environment variable should point to a valid Oracle home directory and must match the value used during installation of Oracle home directory.
  • JRE version 1.4 or higher
  • The library path must be set correctly for Oracle Real Application Clusters environments.
  • OPatch 11.1 requires Oracle Universal Installer 11.1 or higher to work properly.

Identifying OPatch Version:

You must use the OPatch version that corresponds to your ORACLE_HOME release. Get the details here. You can find the version of your OPatch by going to the OPatch directory and running the below command:

$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lsinventory -detail

If you would like to explore OPatch further, details can be found here.

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