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New Features in PeopleTools 8.56

PeopleTools 8.56 released on June 09 2017 comes with new features for development, system etc. Unlike PeopleTools 8.55 list of new features is not big but there are few changes worth noting.

PeopleTools 8.56 Operating System Support

  • PeopleTools 8.56 won’t support the following OS
    • SuSE Linux
    • Solarix x86-64
    • Linux on Z system

As per Oracle, this decision was taken to discontinue seldom used OS platforms.

PeopleTools VCDs to be retired soon

Currently you can download PeopleTools VCDs from Oracle Cloud Delivery Platform (former edelivery) but in near future, option to download VCDs will be gone. Oracle is moving towards delivery of PeopleTools DPK only. PeopleTools VCDs will be retired for all platforms once DPKs are available for HP-UX (currently HP-UX customers can use VCDs only). DPKs are already available for all other supported platforms.

List of Platforms for which PeopleTools DPK are available:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • AIX (new addition with PeopleTools 8.56)
  • Solaris (new addition with PeopleTools 8.56)

AIX and Solaris not supported for DPKS for Elasticsearch and PUM

New Features in PeopleCode 8.56

New Built in Function

  • DoesTableExist
    Returns a boolean value to indicate whether a database table exists

Local Boolean $IsExist = DoesTableExist(“PS_MYTABLE”)

New Features Application Designer PeopleTools 8.56

Classic Plus

Classic Plus Component Setting: Use “Apply Fluid Like theme for Classic” in Style tab of component properties to apply fluid-like classic plus style to classic component definition.

When end user interact with both fluid and classic components, this option will provide similar styling for more uniform experience.

For this to work, you need to enable “Fluid like theme for Classic” in Branding System Options page at system level and then enable the property for the component(s).

Input Only Fields

If you want to hide passwords, PIN numbers from field data online, you can use Password and Input Only display options to prevent end users from seeing actual field values and field values being sent to the browser in page HTML.

New Features in System Admin for PeopleTools 8.56

PTSYS Database option is no longer available.

Change Assistant

  • Multiple instances of Change Assistant can be run on same machine. Can be either different patch levels (minimum 856). Cannot run multiple instances against the same target database. Locking may occur sometimes. In case of locking, message will be displayed.

PeopleTools Patching

  • PeopleTols patching is now using automated Change assistant process. Manual process for applying patch is no longer recommended.
  • PeopleTools patches will have full code line with all changes.

PeopleSoft Update Manager

  • New Analytics have been added
    • Enhancements by Image
    • Enhancements by Product
    • Enhancements by Minimum Tools Release
    • Applied Bus by Image Lag
  • Multiple Change Package definitions can be merged into one



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