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PeopleTools 8.56: Install Tuxedo 12cR2

PeopleTools 8.56 is certified to work with Oracle Tuxedo on platforms such as Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6 and 7, RHEL 6 and 7 among others.

You need to download Oracle Tuxedo 12cR2 from Oracle Cloud. When you download, it will be with the name, which you can unzip. Once unzipped, navigate to V789910-01\Disk1\install and run setup.exe.

run oracle tuxedo installer

Installer will start.

full install of oracle tuxedo 12cr2


Select ‘Full Install’ and Click ‘Next’

install oracle tuxedo

Specify the name and location of the folder where Tuxedo will be installed. I named it “Tuxedo1222vs2015′ to reflect the Tuxedo version being installed, which is with Visual Studio 2015. Click ‘Next.’

OUI-10030 You have specified a non-empty directory

I did the install of Tuxedo in the same folder where my Oracle client is, so I received the above warning. If you did something similar, you may receive a warning. It is okay to proceed further. Click ‘Yes.’

Tuxedo 12cR2 TSAM Plus install

Select ‘No’ for the option to enable Oracle Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor Plus (Oracle TSAM Plus) agent. TSAM Plus is an Oracle Tuxedo add on, which monitors the major performance sensitive areas of a Tuxedo-supported enterprise computing environment and provide notification when pre-defined thresholds are violated. Click ‘Next.’

Oracle Tuxedo Samples Installation

Select ‘No’ for installation of Oracle Tuxedo samples too and click ‘Next’.

oracle tuxedo tslisten configuration choice

Select ‘Yes’ to indicate that you want to configure Oracle Tuxedo tslisten and click ‘Next.’

tslisten password

Provide a password for tslisten and save it somewhere.

tslisten configuration port

You can either use the default port 3050 or use another one of your choice (between 1 and 65535).

tslistener encryption method

Select ‘LLE’ for tlistener encryption method.

choose min excryption bits

Choose minimum encryption bits as 0.

choose max excryption bits

Choose maximum encryption bits as 256.

ssl support for tuxedo

Select ‘Yes’ for SSL support and click ‘Next.’

ldap support for tuxedo

Select ‘No’ for LDAP support and click ‘Next.’

summary of oracle tuxedo install

Verify the summary of Oracle Tuxedo installation and click ‘Install.’

oracle tuxedo install progress

successful install of oracle tuxedo

Installation of Tuxedo will be finished. Verify the successful installation of Tuxedo by looking for errors in C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActionsyyyy-mm-yy_01-52-22PM.log and whether the Oracle Tuxedo service is started.

oracle tuxedo service

For your PeopleSoft application to work as normal, you’ll need this service to be up and running always.

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