How to reset the administrator login password for accessing to the IB gateway?

How to Reset the Administrator Login Password for Accessing the IB Gateway Advanced Setup Page?

When you logon to Integration Broker and navigate to PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Configuration -> Gateway and try to open the Gateway Properties file, you will have to provide the userid and password to access this file. Sometimes, especially after PeopleTools upgrade or Integration Broker changes, when you try to access this file – you might get this error: “Invalid Gateway User/Password. (158,171)”

Invalid Gateway User/Password. (158,171)

It is possible to reset the integration broker gateway password. Here is how to do it:

  1. You will need to use the PSCipher utility from the database’s specific tools release to generate a new password. PSCipher is located in the directory: <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<DOMAIN>\bin or <PIA_HOME>\webserv\<DOMAIN>\piabin depending on the tools release.
  2. Encrypt the password using PSCipher. The command to be used is pscipher password. To encrypt the default password, which is password, run the command
  •         On a Windows machine:          pscipher password
  •         On a UNIX machine:      password

3. Copy the encrypted string returned. In this case:{V1.1}7m4OtVwXFNyLc1j6pZG69Q==

pscipher password
4. Open the gatewayuserprofile.xml file directly from your gateway web server machine. The path is: PS_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PSIGW\WEB-INF in WebLogic.

5. Copy the encrypted password into the <password> tag in the gatewayUserProfile.xml

<User name=”administrator”>

6. Save the gatewayUserProfile.xml file.

7. Restart the gateway web server.

Apurva Tripathi