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How COVID-19 forced these PeopleSoft Customers to Innovate

During the pandemic, there were a lot of challenges that organizations had to overcome. This led to new innovations all around the world forcing organizations to rethink their approach.

As per McKinsey & Company, 90% of executives believe that COVID-19 crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next 5 years.

covid19 business challenges

It won’t be wrong to say that unprecedented times like COVID-19 bring out the best in people and organizations.

Here are a few of the innovations that were implemented by PeopleSoft customers in PeopleSoft.

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Customer: College of Lake County
PeopleSoft COVID-19 Innovation: Employee Vaccination and Test Result Self Service Feature
Benefits: COVID-19 test results tracking , Update Vaccination Status

When Governor of State of Illinois mandated that students and personnel need to either show vaccination proof or submit to weekly testing, College of Lake County implemented this feature in PeopleSoft. Health and Safety’s Employee Vaccination and Test Result Self Service feature that allows employees to enter their COVID-19 testing results via Employee Self Service & view their vaccination status in Vaccination tile.

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Customer: Endeavour Foundation
PeopleSoft COVID-19 Innovation: Vaccination Tracking
Benefits: Vaccination Announcement

Endeavour Foundation used PeopleSoft Fluid Announcement Tile to announce to their employees that they can start entering their COVID-19 vaccination details in PeopleSoft HCM.

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Customer: RSM
PeopleSoft COVID-19 Innovation: Health & Safety Vaccination Tracking
Benefits: Vaccination Tracking with Proof

RSM implemented Health & Safety self service allowing employees to enter their vaccination details and upload the proof. These updates also trigger notifications to Benefits and Employee Relations department. RSM needed this feature to track health of employees who visit client site and those who plan to return to work.

charter communications logo

Customer: Charter Communications (Owner of the brand Spectrum)
PeopleSoft COVID-19 Innovation: Know Before You Go (KBYG), COVID-19 Tracker, Stick it to COVID
Benefits: COVID-19 Symptom and Quarantine Screening

Charter Communications implemented Know Before You Go (KBYG) which is a daily health check tool for COVID-19 symptoms. If any employee plans to go to work, they use this tool to answer a series of questions and if anyone shows COVID-19 symptoms, they are asked to stay at home. The tool also sends email to employee’s HRBP ( Human resource business partner) and supervisor to let them know that the employee shouldn’t work that day. It was built using a custom fluid page.

COVID-19 Tracker was built to report COVID-19 related incidents. Also, Charter Communications implemented ‘Stick it to COVID’ tool that allowed employees to choose to get vaccinated on site and schedule their appointments.

Did your organization also implement PeopleSoft features to address issues related to COVID-19? Let me know in the comment section below.

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