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Integration Gateway: PeopleSoftTargetConnector – username ( ) and password (XXXXX) incorrect

This error is common in several PeopleTools releases and we will show you how to troubleshoot the error “Integration Gateway: PeopleSoftTargetConnector – username ( ) and password (XXXXX) incorrect.” on Ping Node attempt. I encountered the issue in PeopleTools 8.53.06

While the error is descriptive enough, it can tend to be confusing at times and sometimes it does show up when it is infact not the error. So, the first thing I would suggest is that you bounce your appservers and do the ping node test to ensure that the error repeats. If the error on subsequent attempt is the same i.e. “Integration Gateway: PeopleSoftTargetConnector – username ( ) and password (XXXXX) incorrect,” read on…

When you ping a PeopleSoft node, the gateway connects to the appserver associated with the node name using the PeopleSoft User ID and password specified in gateway properties, Node Configuration. The error message “username (xxxxx) and password (XXXXX) incorrect.” will be fully justified if the User ID does not exist or is locked, or if its password is different from what you have set in the gateway.

Therefore the very fist check and essential things that you need to verify if it is so and re-test with double-checked (reset) password, as follows.
1. Try to sign-in into PIA of the affected environment as user with the same password as was specified in gateway properties.
2. If you can successfully do so, double-check by re-setting the same password you just used for PIA sign-in into gateway properties and re-testing.
3. If it was a password mismatch and Ping Node works after fixing it per the above step #2, ignore the below steps, issue resolved.
4. If Ping Node keeps failing despite verifying that user ID and password were correct, report it to Support and also ignore the below steps, otherwise continue.
5. Sign-in into the same environment with a working User ID with the administrative access permissions, using its respective password.
6. Navigate PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles, > User Profiles, does exist? If not, reconfigure the gateway to use an existing one, and retest.
7. If the profile exists, check if it is locked, and if it is, unlock it, making sure to fix anything that might need fixing (for example if it was because of password expiration).
8. If none of the above helps, reset the password both in User Profile and in the gateway properties in that node’s configuration, then re-test.
9. If after checking all attributes of the original existing and resetting its password the issue persists, configure gateway to use another User ID and re-test.

Apurva Tripathi