Error obtaining service configuration data. Cannot change schemas. (158,2200)

When trying to save schema for a message, you could receive the following message:

Error obtaining service configuration data. Cannot change schemas. (158,2200)

You might receive this error while creating a new message or modifying an existing message.


How to resolve “Error obtaining service configuration data. Cannot change schemas. (158,2200)”

There could be two potential causes for this error.

  1. Integration Broker Gateway definition is incomplete or there is an issue in reaching the gateway. Go to PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Configuration -> Gateways. Click Search and bring up LOCAL gateway. Ping the gateway to make sure it is working fine and perform load gateway connectors to make sure all the connectors are getting loaded.
  2. Web Services Target Locations is not set properly. Go to PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Configuration -> Service Configuration and click the URL “Setup Target Locations.” In the next page, make sure that the correct target location is specified and correct default local node is specified at the end of the target location address.

Target Location should be setup to a valid address like –

Try to generate the message again.

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