Deploying Search Definition Errors Out with Message “The current user has insufficient privileges to complete this operation”

When attempting to deploy a search definition in Search Framework, the deploy for most Search Definitions results in application timing out, or user gets the following “insufficient permissions” error:

“The current user has insufficient privileges to complete this operation”

This error can occurr for multiple reasons including:
1) User does not have sufficient privileges to deploy search definitions.
2) User does not have permissions to run some of the queries used by the search definition.
3) Some of the Search Definition’s queries were changed from “public” queries to “private” queries.




1. First, try adding PeopleSoft Administrator Role to the user attempting to deploy search definitions, as follows:
a. Navigate to the PeopleTools>Security>User Profiles.
b. Enter the UserID
c. Go to the Roles Tab.
d. Click on the ” + ” to add the roles.
e. Add PeopleSoft Administrator Role
f. Save change

2.  If error persists, then it is possible that there are missing Search Framework queries and/or the user doesn’t have authorizations needed to run the queries.  Also note that all Search Framework related queries need to be public queries (this can be checked by opening the query within Query Manager and checking “Query Properties”).  Note that the Search Framework related queries are delivered as public queries, so there should be no issues with missing queries and/or private queries unless you’ve modified the delivered queries.
The best way to troubleshoot problems with query access is to set TracePC=3596, then recreate the problem, to identify what query is encountering issues.


Apurva Tripathi

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