Creating a New PeopleSoft Account Tree – PeopleSoft Tutorial

Creating a New PeopleSoft Account Tree

What is PeopleSoft Tree?

A Tree is a hierarchical presentation of any Chartfield that can be further use for the purpose of summarization of data and reporting.

We can utilize trees in the system to define rules, security, reporting and Chartfield combination editing. Whenever we apply any rule on summary Tree level that will be applicable to detailed values also.

Advantages of PeopleSoft Trees

  • Centralization – Enables you to define rules once and then use it throughout the system.
  • It is easy to change centralized tree that will impact all the reports, security profiles etc.
  • It presents summarization rules visually.

How to create a PeopleSoft Tree?

You can create a PeopleSoft Tree from highest level of hierarchy (i.e. root node) to the lowest node of the hierarchy (i.e leaves). Below are the basic steps to create trees:

  1. Create the Tree Structure or find an existing tree structure to use. Tree Structure defines the links between your tee and underlying tables to which it refers.
  2. Create Tree definition. Here we define the tree structure, tree levels and how to handles detail values.
  3. Specify Tree levels, if required.
  4. Attach detail values as “leaves” as nodes.

In this below video you will learn how to create an Account tree that provides hierarchy for Balance sheet, Income statement and Statistical Accounts.


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