ChartField Request and Approval | PeopleSoft Tutorial

ChartField Request and Approval

In PeopleSoft FSCM, ‘ChartField Request’  page gives an option to request any additions or modifications of the ChartField values and to submit them for approval. Once approved, the process saves the new ChartField value to the corresponding base tables.

Chartfield Request and Approval option will provide an effective and efficient way of managing ChartField. It’ll also help you to maintain an audit trail of the setup and approval of values.

How to Add a New Account Chartfield Value (VIDEO)

Below video provides a demo of adding a request and approval process of adding a new Account ChartField value.


  • Dan Murray says:

    Good Morning Arnav, nice video – have not worked with requests before. My question is an am at that point now – I just got into this position and have five or more requests that need to me re-assigned to another approver. I cannot find it under Monitor Approvals so where do I find the ability to change the approver for existing requests?

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