Create General Ledger Business Unit using PeopleSoft Fluid

PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 delivers an interesting feature for General Ledger Business Unit (GLBU) Management in Image 19. It requires PeopleTools 8.55 to access the functionality.

What is GLBU (General Ledger Business Unit) management in PeopleSoft ?

GLBU management is a tile under Finance and Accounting Homepage. Users can easily copy, edit and add new GLBU using this tile. It is based on Fluid Activity Guide, which gives left navigation list of links to create BU. On the right-side pages will appear keeping the navigation  static.

Key features on GLBU Management

Here are some of the key features of General Ledger Business Unit Management.

  • Easy search options to check existing GLBUs
  • Initial questionnaire to identify business requirement. Based on the responses, dynamic list of links will be developed.
  • All mandatory steps will be showed with asterisk
  • Easy process to copy existing GLBU
  • No need to remember various navigation

In this video you will learn how to use ‘General Ledger Business Unit Management’ functionality in PeopleSoft:


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