EQG17074: Invalid facet path

by Apurva Tripathi on May 10, 2014

in PeopleSoft Administration

After configuring SES, sometimes there is a situation wherein some of the functionalities start to work fine whereas some surprisingly give errors. I saw this situation twice – once in Recruiting Solutions and once in ELM wherein many of the search functionalities started to work fine except for one: Browse Applicants

Browse Applicants in Recruiting Solutions and Find Learning in ELM threw up this error:

Service Exception: Fault Code = env:Server : Fault String = [Server CodecHandler] Failed to encode fault
-> EQG17074: Invalid facet path: xxxxxx
(262,143) PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.MESSAGE.QueryResponse.OnExecute  Name:QueryResponse  PCPC:676  Statement:9
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.QueryService.OnExecute  Name:doService  Statement:437
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.QueryService.OnExecute  Name:ExecuteQuery  Statement:47
Called from:PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.Query.OnExecute  Name:Execute  Statement:39
Called from:HRS_SEARCH.SearchFramework.ApplicantSearch.OnExecute  Name:BeginSearch  Statement:57
Called from:HRS_APPLICANT_SRCH.Activate  Statement:47

EQG17074 Invalid facet path descr_status 010 Active


It is interesting to note again that some of the SES functions were working fine and Diagnostic tests also worked fine.

<env:Envelope xmlns:env=”http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/”><env:Header/><env:Body><env:Fault><faultcode>env:Server</faultcode><faultstring>Server CodecHandler Failed to encode fault
-> EQG17074: Invalid facet path: ptsf_sbo_name
</faultstring><detail><java:string xmlns:java=”java.io”>oracle.search.query.facet.InvalidFacetPathException: EQG17074: Invalid facet path: ptsf_sbo_name


Likely cause of this error is that a new instance was spun up and when one instance gets UN-deployed and the other gets attached, something incorrect is happening during the redeployment process.


  1. Un-deploy all deployed definitions
  2. From sql command line issue “DELETE FROM PS_PTSF_DEPLOY_OBJ” (Note: Do this only after successfully un-deploying all definitions)
  3. Deploy desired indexes
  4. Update both the search indexes and search categories.
  5. Run build index jobs.
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