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Elastic Search to be available in PeopleTools 8.55 Patch

In 2015 Oracle Open World, Oracle announced that a new search engine for PeopleTools 8.56 – Elastic Search. This year, in 2016 Oracle Open World – they announced that Elastic Search will also become available in upcoming PeopleTools 8.55 Patch. The way things are, hopefully it would be available in PeopleTools 8.55 Patch 11.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search or SES proved to be quite unstable and was riddled with issues and the product was unable to garner love and support of customers. It will be replaced with Elastic Search, which is based on the popular search library, Lucene and has become pretty popular among “Big Data” technology users.

Elastic Search is supposed to provide the same use experience and is supported by PeopleTools Search Framework. It is supposed to be easier to deploy and maintain but you must make uptake specific fixes and changes from APIs. PeopleSoft will deliver a specific version of Elastic Search as a Deployment package and you’ll need to deploy Elastic on the separate search host instead of SES.

Elastic Search will get deployed using the DPK. Elastic Search DPKs will include a specific version of Elastic Search and the required Java Runtime Engine. It will also contain PeopleSoft developed Elastic plug-ins for Security and Attachment Processing.

To deploy Elastic Search, you’d create a Search instance using PeopleSoft Search Framework and use ACM plug-ins to configure PeopleSoft Elastic Search integration. PeopleSoft and Elastic Search will use the REST APIs to communicate with each other.

Additional details to be available soon…

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