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Automated SQL Tuning in Oracle 11g

Oracle Database 11g made it easier for the less experienced to have a shot at SQL tuning, which was earlier considered to be a bastion for veteran SQL tuners. A typical Oracle SQL tuning process had the following steps: Identification of high-resource SQL statements and bottlenecks Generating and interpreting execution plans Extracting data from the […]

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Performance Tuning by Identifying Poor SQLs using v$

To a user, an application is never fast enough to satisfy his/her needs. Similarly, to a database administrator, an application is never fast enough to satisfy the needs of the user community. Perception and unreasonable expectations are definitely a cause. However, , insufficient hardware, poorly tuned application code, a poorly tuned database, or an architecture that doesn’t […]

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PeopleSoft Performance Tuning Using OEM

PeopleSoft Admins or PeopleSoft DBAs or Oracle DBAs know the importance of finding, analyzing, and correcting resource-intensive SQL statements. Those shops which run PeopleSoft on Oracle can make use of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) in isolating and analyzing troublesome SQL statements.  Using OEM, a DBA can quickly discover the SQL statements most responsible for performance degradation and then drill […]

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