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PeopleSoft Performance Benchmarks

Performance is one aspect, which can never satisfy a person on. It is just not enough to keep improving the performance. Oracle understands this and regularly releases Benchmark papers on the same. Advantage of using these benchmarks is that the benchmarks show a level of acceptable performance and you can tune your application to meet that standard.

Oracle has done a great job of creating a standard version of the Oracle Applications Benchmarks. Oracle makes a long-term public commitment to measuring and characterizing the performance of Oracle Applications. The Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark is a comparable standard workload which demonstrates the performance and scalability of Oracle Applications and provides metrics for the comparison of Oracle Applications performance on different system configurations.

There are two main components of the Oracle Application Standard Benchmark: online and batch.

These benchmarks are made by the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark Council, which is made up of representatives from various hardware companies, Oracle Product Development, and Oracle Product Line groups. Members have access to the latest marketing and technical information related to the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark.

Oracle PeopleSoft Benchmarks cover a wide variety of solutions on different platforms/servers. You might not have the same sort of combination, but you can choose the benchmark, which is closest to your application release, servers, operating system and you can match the performance with the benchmarks available.

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