PT 8.57 – Preview Fluid Pages in Application Designer | PeopleSoft Tutorial

PT 8.57 – Preview Fluid Pages in Application Designer

Now you can preview PeopleSoft Fluid pages inside your Application Designer without even leaving the Application Designer window. This new feature is enabled in PeopleTools 8.57 application designer and can be used anytime you’re working on page design.

In below example, here is a delivered Fluid Page and you can see how it will appear when you use new preview fluid pages feature.

Below is the output preview of above page. Not only you can view how your page would look like when it’s live but you can also test the fluidity of your page by changing the browser window size.

To use this feature, open any fluid page in 8.57 Application designer and go to Layout > View in Browser > Internet Explorer.

It will pickup the browser which is setup as default in your system. If you wish, you can add more browsers by using ‘Edit Browser List’ option in this menu.

In addition to previewing fluid pages you can use this feature to view the classic page too. Since classic pages won’t be fluid by default, those will appear a little different that above preview for fluid pages.

These new enhancement to PeopleSoft Application Designer will be liked by developer community as it makes their job easier.

Here are other new features in PeopleTools 8.57 Application Designer

  • Use the property window to view and update page field properties. You can use the property window in lieu of or in addition to using the page field properties dialog box. Similar to a properties dialog box, you can update values directly in the property window. Read about his feature here.
  • The title bar for Application Designer now displays the database name along with the name of the active project and active definition. Read about this new feature in this post here. 
  • Radio buttons can now be used as a page control in a grid. You must add a group of at least two radio buttons within a grid.