Integration Gateway: No response received from Gateway (158,10829)

This error is applicable for PeopleTools 8.4x and 8.5x and is one of the most common Integration Broker issue. When trying to ping the node, or send to it a message results in the following error:

No response received from Gateway. The Gateway did not send back a IBResponse


Integration Gateway: No response received from Gateway (158,10829)

The log shows something like this

com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.common.ExternalSystemContactException: HttpTargetConnector:ExternalSystemContactException Connection reset
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.targetconnector.HttpTargetConnector.send(HttpTargetConnector.java:708)
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.targetconnector.HttpTargetConnector.ping(HttpTargetConnector.java:740)
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.service.BasicConnectorInvocator.execute(BasicConnectorInvocator.java:131)
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.framework.GatewayManager.invokeService(GatewayManager.java:141)
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.framework.GatewayManager.connect(GatewayManager.java:185)
at com.peoplesoft.pt.integrationgateway.listeningconnector.PeopleSoftListeningConnector.doPost(PeopleSoftListeningConnector.java:181)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:727)

There are several probable causes of this:

The problem is caused by a failed connection between the application server and the gateway web server. This is typically associated with integration setup problem and the common ones are:

  • Incorrect setup
  • Proxy server setup or firewall rule issue
  • /etc/hosts file entries on unix application servers
  • Load Balancer setup issues

Some of the obvious solutions are

1) First and foremost – check your integration broker settings:

– Ensure that you can ping the Gateway

– Ensure that you can ping the default local node

– Ensure that you can ping the nodes defined in the Gateway properties.

Sometimes even a small typo like incorrect server address or port # could result in this error.

2) Proxy server setup
-Ensure that the proxy device has the correct entries listed
-Ensure that the Peoplesoft system is pointing to the correct proxy server in each configuration file

3) /etc/hosts file entries on unix application servers
-Check the Peoplesoft application server /etc/hosts file for invalid machine name or port entries.
-Verify that the application server configuration works with the machine name listed for the JOLT server name entry rather than %PS_MACH% and use the same entry in the integrationgateway.properties file as that specified in the psappsrv.cfg file

4) Load Balancer setup issues
– Ensure that the load balance device is pointing to the correct physical machine name/ip address

5) Firewall blockages
– If a firewall exists between systems, ensure that both the gateway and application server machine ports are open for 2 way communication

This¬† error is also caused by the error “Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)“. Refer to the URL for resolution of the same.

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