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Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)

I’ve been struggling with this error “Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842).” I’ve seen almost all the possible blog articles and all the Oracle cases on the topic and continue to struggle with the issue. So, if you see this issue – you’re likely to find this article quite handy.

Due to this issue, you’re likely to see this error when you ping node “Integration Gateway: No response received from Gateway (158,10829)”. You can refer to this post for the resolution of the error (158,10829).

Cannot Establish HTTP Connection

If you’re unable to see the image, here is the text of the same:

Cannot establish HTTP connection (158,2842)

Can be caused by any of the following:
1. Cannot load certificates due to keystore password (not encrypted).
2. Keystore file not found.
3. Proxy server not configured.

I created a new remote Gateway in PeopleSoft Integration Broker and ping Gateway works fine, but when I try to load Gateway Connectors, I get this error . As I said, I real almost all the blog posts and Oracle cases on this error – almost all of them refer to the fact that the password in the

Most of those who face this issue have been able to correct the error by fixing the password in the file.

Here’s how to verify whether your password is correct or not.

Go to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways and click on the Gateway Setup Properties. Next you will have to provide the userid and password to access the file. The default userid and password supplied by Oracle is administrator and password respectively. From PeopleTools 8.53 onwards, Oracle has stopped shipping this file with the default password as “password” and you need to choose one for your installation.

After providing the userid and password, you will have to click Advanced Properties Page, which will look something like this:

gateway properties file

Locate the Certificate section or search for secureFileKeystorePasswd and find the below section:


## End of Integration Gateway CERTIFICATE Section

It is likely that the parameter secureFileKeystorePasswd is not filled out. You can use the Password Encryption section to generate, copy and paste the encrypted password. You are likely to see the error “Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)” if the password is not encrypted. You need to use an encrypted password and as shown above {V1.1}7m4OtVwXFNyLc1j6pZG69Q== is the encrypted password for password.

Click OK and exit out of the Gateway setup. Your file will get updated and your error might get fixed. If is persists, like in my case, read on..

From PeopleTools 8.53 onwards, the keystore password by default is not password you will have to create your password while installing PIA.

E:\xxx\webserv\ptweb853\piabin>pskeymanager -list

and I was hit by an error:

PeopleSoft PSKeyManager:
A wrapper to Sun’s keytool for managing keys and certificates.

ERROR:  Java keytool not found.  You must update your PATH to include JDK 1.4x
before running this script.

I update the PATH variable as E:\xxx\webserv\ptweb853\piabin>SET PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin;%PATH% to add the Java path to PATH variable and the error went away.

Additional step is to set the password for the parameter secureFileKeystorePasswd in the integrationGateway properties file and verify:

D:\xxx\webserv\ptweb853\piabin\>pskeymanager -list

C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin>keytool -list -keystore D:\xxx\webserv\ptweb853\piaconfig\keystore\pskey

The key to resolution of this error is having to run the keymanager properly. If you continue to get HTTP error, you can reinstall PIA like I did and the error went away.

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