ERROR: open attack IP file |

ERROR: open attack IP file

You may panic looking at this error in your Tuxedo log:
ERROR: open attack IP file (<PS_CONFIG_HOME>/appserv/<DOMAIN-NAME>:<PS_HOME>/bin/.wsattacklist) failed at write, ignore block check.

You will see actual values instead of variables used like PS_CONFIG_HOME, PS_HOME and DOMAIN-NAME.

The error has some text, which can cause panic to set in, but I hope that is not the case because the root cause and solution are usually simple.

Root Cause:

Usually, the cause of the issue is a wrong “Domain Connection Password”.


To resolve the issue, please do the following steps:

  1. Whatever is your “Domain Connection Password”, take a not of the same.
  2. Reconfigure your appserver domain and provide the same password.
  3. Make sure that the files is using the same password ( file is present at <PIA_HOME>/webserv/<DOMAIN-NAME>/applications/peoplesoft/PORTAL.war/WEB-INF/psftdocs/<PIASITE>/ )
  4. Restart the domains if the need be.
  5. Test again

Hopefully, that error has gone away from the logs.

Apurva Tripathi