Change PeopleSoft Access ID & Password in PeopleTools 8.56 & 8.55

by Prashant on January 30, 2018

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PeopleSoft Access ID also known as Owner ID is the owner of PeopleSoft tables. In Oracle, it’s commonly used as ‘SYSADM’  and ‘sa’ for SQL server. All PeopleSoft tables belongs to this user id and this ID is created during the database creation.

You may need to change password for PeopleSoft access id /owner id sometimes e.g. during upgrades, refreshes etc.

Learn about different PeopleSoft IDs such as Access ID, Connect ID, Symbolic ID here. 

Change PeopleSoft Access ID / Password for pre-PeopleTools 8.55

Pre-PeopleTools 8.55, you could update PSACCESSPRFL table to change the password. Here are the steps.

Change PeopleSoft Access ID / Password for PeopleTools 8.55 & 8.56 

Starting PeopleTools 8.55, new table PSACCESSPROFILE is used to store this information and you need to update this table if you need to change the password for PeopleSoft Access ID.

To update SYSADM password using PSACCESSPROFILE table run below SQL


Running ENCRYPT_PASSWORD * after update statement is mandatory now. You can run this by logging into data mover.



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