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Certifications for PeopleTools 8.57

In case you haven’t heard, PeopleTools 8.57 has been released and is available for PeopleSoft customers to install and deploy.

Just like every new PeopleTools version, this release also comes with lot of new features.

You can go through all the new features for PeopleTools 8.57 here.

What is PeopleTools certifications?

PeopleTools certifications is the list of software that are certified to work with a particular PeopleTools version. Certification also includes the version of the software that’s certified and hence supported by Oracle to work with PeopleSoft applications.

This certification list is revised and updated whenever Oracle determines that a particular version of software works fine with PeopleSoft application. In addition to new certifications, this list is also updated to remove the version that are no longer supported.

Why do you need to review PeopleTools certifications?

PeopleTools certifications are important to have a stable environment and it impacts the following;

  • System Administrator
  • DBAs
  • PeopleSoft Administrators
  • PeopleSoft Upgrade
  • End users
  • 3rd party applications integrating with PeopleSoft

If your PeopleSoft application runs on a non-certified version of the software, chances of getting issues increases a lot. Not only that, even Oracle may not be able to provide full support as Oracle recommends all customers to only use certified version of software to use with PeopleSoft.

It’s very common scenario that you’ve tried everything in your knowledge to fix an issue and it finally comes down to the software not being certified with PeopleTools you’re on.

PeopleTools 8.57 Certifications

Below is the latest (updated 30th Jan 2019) list of software certified for PeopleTools 8.57

Operating Systems supported for PeopleTools 8.57

Databases supported for PeopleTools 8.57


Application Server & Enterprise supported for PeopleTools 8.57

Middleware supported for PeopleTools 8.57

Desktop Applications, Browsers and Client supported for PeopleTools 8.57

Management and Development Tools supported for PeopleTools 8.57

LDAP, Mobile applications supported for PeopleTools 8.57


Click here to check the latest certifications for PeopleTools 8.57  (Requires Oracle support login)

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